Water network information system is updated for NWC as a sub contractor of FCC Aqualia Co. Totally;

6,700 Km waterlines,

160,000 water meters,

2,200 water chambers observed by using GPS and data collectors than integrated to GIS.

Leakages on the network detected and reported to main contractor.

Fresh water and waste water network information system is established for National Water Company RCBU. Inside the project;

9,000 Km water lines
6,000 Km waste water lines
6,500 water chambers
1,000 sanitary manholes
180,000 water meters observed and updated in NWC GIS system.

In addition to this, 2,200 flooded water chamber discharged and cleaned.

STIT collected 250 points of Interest (POI) including restaurants, banks, markets, showrooms,mosques etc.on the main roads of Riyadh City for Arriyadh Development Authority as a subcontractor of Geosystem Co.

STIT established this network, maintain and train during one year. Objective of this project is to provide coordinate corrections to the surveyors working in and surroundings of Riyadh City. The owner of this network is National Water Company. It was established in April 2010.

The establishment and Precise Levelling of a new Geodetic Level Network for GCS.

Monumentation and Precise Leveling of Benchmarks for Region 1 – 6,000 Km

Monumentation and Precise Leveling of Benchmarks for Region 2 – 1,000 Km

Monumentation and Precise Leveling of Benchmarks for Region 3 – 7,500 Km

Monumentation and Precise Leveling of Benchmarks for Region 4 – 6,500 Km

In total 21,000 Km precise leveling which covers all Saudi Arabia and also over 3,000 BM constructed for account of General Commission for Survey.

Establishment and observation of over 1,750 Ground Control Points for the projects P162 Baha, P151 Madinah, P149 Jeddah and P161 North of Riyadh Projects for Digital Aerial Photography Projects as a subcontractor for MOMRA.

P162 Baha from PASCO and includes 545 GCP

P151 Madinah from Daral Riyadh and includes 316 GCP

P161 North of Riyadh from FINNMAP and includes 917 GCP

P149 Jeddah from PASCO and includes 700 GCP

Each projects consists of following tasks: Construction and pre-marking of 10 GSD and 40 GSD points and GPS Surveys of primary and secondary, Adjustment & Computations. In addition to this Baha and North Riyadh projects consists of observation of 1000 km leveling lines and establishment of about 200 BMs for each project.

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